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As a Fiduciary, you have a duty to know your fees and an obligation to ensure they are reasonable.

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401(k) fees are complicated. We can help.

The lack of transparency, clarity, and uniformity among service agreements is astounding. Although fee disclosure regulations under ERISA §408(b)(2) were well intentioned, the delivery has fallen short. Plan Sponsors still have difficulty understanding 401(k) fees, and 408(b)(2) has amounted to little more than an added layer of bureaucracy riddled with potential pitfalls for Plan Sponsors. was created to provide you, the Plan Sponsor, with the necessary tools and resources to avoid these pitfalls and protect your plan.

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Fee Forensics

ERISA §408(b)(2) has made the process of uncovering fees easier, but deciphering and interpreting them continues to be an overly complex process. With the endless number of different service models and fee arrangements, how can any Plan Sponsor truly ever feel confident they are getting what they’re paying for?

Although this website contains numerous resources and tools to help you decode the fees on your own, most Plan Sponsors ultimately “don’t know what they don’t know.” Thus, the most prudent action for most is to delegate this duty to an independent third-party with the necessary experience and focus.

Determining Fee Reasonableness

As a steward of your employees’ retirement savings, you have a responsibility to act prudently on their behalf. Any fees that may impact participant savings should not only be clearly disclosed, but also necessary and reasonable.

Request for Proposal (“RFP”)

Although it is a healthy practice to periodically solicit the input of prospective service providers, the RFP process can be time consuming and often results in nothing more than a difficult to decipher “apples-to-oranges” comparison of services. On the other hand, a skillfully executed RFP can serve as clear documentation of your prudence.

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Benchmarking can establish a clear quantitative basis for fee reasonableness. Benchmarking tools are readily available and should serve as the cornerstone of any thorough fee analysis. However, these tools are not without their own shortcomings. Each benchmarking service has its own proprietary methodology and data set. Thus, results can vary greatly from tool to tool. Furthermore, benchmarking fails to incorporate qualitative considerations like experience, support, and clarity.
Our Solution? Learn more about how we can help you protect your plan.

Our Solution?  Learn more about how we can help you protect your plan.

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